June 25, 2017, I went to watch the Pride Parade.


It is my first time to show my support to LGBTQ. At the parade, I was so touched and impressed by the atmosphere there. Also, know more the power of LOVE. On the other hand, I’m so proud that my home country, Taiwan, is going to become the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.


( photo credit to Shun-Ping Liu )

However, as a marketer, I want to talk about my observation during the pride parade.

Some brands take advantage of the pride parade, which is really good.

They make beautiful banner, glamorous decoration on the float, giving samples to the audiences.

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I think taking part in the march can help a company to raise their brand image. But if a company do more than just participating in the parade, they can not only gain the impression but also the chance that consumer could know more about their product. Giving out banners, flags, cards with the logo or the company’s name are considered as the basic level. Giving out samples like the condom, vitamin gummy are at the better level. Then, I think the best one that I found today is this company, sharingbox.


They give out cards. At the same time, they took pictures for the audiences and said, “Check out the site on the card tomorrow to save your picture.” By doing this, more people will know who they are, what they are doing which I think it is a smart tactic!


For those who haven’t seen the pride parade, remember to celebrate with the parade next time and feel the power of love!





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