Apps, you are changing my life!

Most of the people would definitely agree on smartphones changing people’s lives.

However, I think it should be “apps” changing people’s lives.

Today, I am going to talk about same apps which totally change my life.


First of all, Facebook!



Actually, Facebook changes my life before I had my first smartphone. However, it changes again after that.

Now, I can share my feeling, check in, engage with my friends by making comments on their post whenever I want. I am not bored while waiting for the train, waiting in lines anymore. 625376264.jpg


More than that, Facebook not only change our daily lives but also marketing.

Now, if a brand did not have an official fan page on Facebook, they are really out of date! Also, buying ads on Facebook is another cost effective way to promote the brand or product. ( But at the same time, the brand should have a good content as well.)




The second app that I am going to introduce is a social platform as well, Instagram!

After I try to use Instagram, I addicted to it! I would like to post photos to keep the records in my life. The reason that I choose Instagram to do this but not Facebook is I can manage the followers of my account. The accounts that I follow and the accounts that follow my account are separate which I think it gives us a little more privacy. Here, I would like to share a tip that when you post too many photos and it is hard to find the old one. I create some personal hashtags which can help me to find the posts easily.

Here, I would like to share a tip that when you post too many photos and it is hard to find the old one. I create some personal hashtags in different categories which can help me to find the posts easily. Once you search the hashtag, then you can view all the photos that you have tagged the hashtag on them.

Now, I will take photos before I have my meal, though I know this would annoy some people, I still think that is interesting. At the same time, I share some good dishes and fine restaurant which I think is a good way to engage with my friends. Who doesn’t love food?!

Last but not least, Google Map!



In my opinion, Google Map did more than changing my life, it SAVEs my life!!

I came from Taipei which is a small city in Taiwan. (of course, when it compares to New York.) When I was in Taipei, I could remember not only most of the roads, the MRT system, and the stations, also some famous building but how to get there.

Although the avenues and streets in New York are in order, it is still a tough job for me to recognize them when I just came here. Thanks for Google Map, I don’t need to bring a map with me but I can still get to my destination. Moreover, I can even plan my route and choose the fastest way with Google Map.

I am not afraid that I will be lost anymore!

Even if I am planning to go somewhere that I don’t know, all I need to do are open Google Map and type the destination. Then, I can go to wherever I want.ther function that I used on Google map is

Another useful function that I used on Google map is the bookmark!

I can bookmark the nice restaurants which I pass by, or some sightseeing spots, or some cafe or shop which my friends recommended.

I have to say, I love this function!!!

Look, how many bookmarks I have in Manhattan!IMG_9769

These apps did change my life.

In fact, they make my life easier and more convenient.

Thanks to technology and those who develop these apps!!

What kinds of apps change your life? Share with me: )


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