Does Michael Kors Do a Great Job on Social Media?

Michael Kors Holding is an American luxury fashion company established in 1981 by designer Michael Kors. The company is known for watches, and products handbags and other accessories. As of 2015, the MK Holdings has more than 550 stores and over 1500 in-store boutiques in various countries.  Read more on Wikipedia

When I walk on the street, no matter in Asia or in the United States, I can always see people carry Michael Kors handbag.

Today, let’s take a look at whether Michael Kors do a good job on social media or not.

According to the research result on Pew Research Center (click it to know more), the number of users on the social media is growing every year. In 2016, almost 70% of the US adult use social media. No one should ignore the power of social media anymore.

When we check the official website of Michael Kors, we can find out that they do social media on 5 platforms, which are  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram.



There are more than 17 million people like the page on Facebook. MK posts new post almost every day, and sometimes the frequency is more than once a day.  The content includes photos, text, hashtags, link to the products on the official website, share the videos etc… Or sometimes there are some photos of celebrities wearing MK’s clothes attending some awards and events. All the contents look appealing which is a good thing, however, one thing that MK needs to improve on Facebook is engagement. It is rear to see MK account reply on those comments. Then, when we move on to Twitter, the same thing happens.



MK posts content almost every day, or even more than once a day which is the same as Facebook. All the posts include beautiful pictures, contents, hashtags and tagging the celebrities’ account (which are really important on Twitter) and some links to the product.

But, MK tends to ignore everything on Twitter after they post a new post. I think the tendency of not replying to the comments would be not so harmful if MK creates different accounts eg. Michael Kors Customer Service on Twitter. But apparently, they aren’t. Nowadays, people tend to complain their unsatisfaction experiences on Twitter. All the brands should seize this opportunity to improve the brand image and engage with their customers or they might lose those unhappy customers. More than that, this would give a negative image to other potential customers.

Don’t ignore them anymore!!



About Pinterest, there are 14 boards under the account. I think MK do a fair job that nothing need to be commented on.



MK did a good job on Youtube, I think. They publish video from time to time. The videos about Michael Kors playing games with some celebrities are interesting. The celebrities are influencers to different groups of people which mean MK may attract more prospects.



In my opinion, MK does a great job on Instagram as well. (maybe just because the main purpose of people using Instagram is to view picture but not so much for the content)

On the other hand, they have shopping tag on their posts, combined with the e-commerce which I think is a good strategy.


All in all, Michael Kors can do a better job! There are some improvements they can do, not only reply to the comments but custom the content on the different social media platforms.


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