As a marketer, it is important to catch new information, new trend, new stuff every day.
Recently, I work on keeping read blogs and make it as an everyday habit.

Digiday, Ad age, Ad week, HubSpot, eMarketer…..
There are so many resources online that we can learn from them.
Above all these blogs, ADWEEK is my favorite.


Take a look at ADWEEK
(But actually, when I do the research or do the project, eMarketer is my favorite since I can find lots of data on eMarketer.)

Here’s why.

First of all, as we can see in the screenshot of Adweek’s website, there are 5 main categories.
adweek screenshot

We can easily find the article that you are interested in through the categories.

You can know more about brands’ story and their strategies in Brand Marketing, know more about agencies insight in Agencies category.
If you want to find some information and stats about social media, check Digital category.
Check TV/ Video to view the latest programming and performance or watch some interesting video ad.
Last but not least, see creativity category to learn new concepts.
Take Digital category as an example, we can read the latest trend and study report in this category.

Read the article

In this article, we can learn that nearly all Gen Z-ers use Youtube, and half of them think they can not live without it. Even more, the online influencer influence teenager’s shopping behavior more than the mainstream celebrity do.
The articles contain not only the word description but also beautiful chart and graphic.

More than that, at the main page, there are “Editor’s picks”. We can read some interesting news and reports on this page. Especially, I like the category- AdFREAK.


You can always see the novel and catchy story in this category- ADFREAK, just like this article “Why KFC Paid to Put Colonel Sanders in an Obscure California High School Yearbook.”
Read the article

Nowadays, catching young generation’s attention on print ad is difficult. Just like what we learned from the report above, 95% of generation Z view youtube and others social media. Since the kids would definitely view the portraits in the yearbook, the portrait of Colonel Sanders successfully caught their eyes!

Another thing that I like about Adweek is newsletter subscription.
Subscribing article and blog is fairly common. We can receive a notification email when there is a new post. However, sometimes these subscriptions are annoying. We might receive the article that we are not interested in at all. However, subscribing Adweek newspaper can avoid this kind of situation.
We can subscribe different categories newsletter!



Isn’t it a good choice for obtaining new information about marketing?
Let’s make Ad week into Ad every day! – That you can read it every day and never get bored.

(All of the pictures are screenshot from Adweek’s website on May 31, 2017)


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